Sunday, October 02, 2011

Garry downloaded his photos yesterday and I was shocked to see all the dirty water that is running through parts of Manila. This was 2 days after the typhoon hit, when the water had already receded a fair amount. Pray for the people of Manila, particularly the very poor who are the most affected by these kinds of things.

Kaleb has been working hard to ride over this table top, or whatever you call it... I think it's quite impressive that he's got it nearly mastered! His other interest is free running. He'd love some tips or links on free running if you know of a good way to get started!

Monday is promising us a busy week as we look ahead. This morning Garry has been working on annual paperwork for two of our aircraft. The work on the helicopter itself was completed last week, and they want to turn in the paperwork this week. The guys will start work on the annual on the airplane here next week, if all goes as planned.

Mexican night with Joel & Missy and Brian & Bailey was a big hit! The ladies who joined our team here are great cooks, and we had a tasty dinner and fun evening together.

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