Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's a rainy Saturday afternoon. I love the coolness. I am quite tired of the mud and dirty floors! However, the rain seems to quiet things down a bit, which is nice. I can't hear the traffic on the street or the dogs yapping or the roosters crowing. In fact, all I hear is the steady beat of the rain on our roof.

Garry's flying, getting ready to do some checkout flying with Joel, which is always an exciting, busy, and somewhat stressful thing to do. Next week he'll be heading into our various airstrips and getting current again on them, so today was an opportunity to get current in the airplane after a long while behind the desk. (He finally mailed the stacks of annual paperwork on Wednesday after several days of long hours at his computer.)

Thursday evening Juliet texted to say her daughter had a very sore ear. They took her to the doctor and got the medicine she needed. All considered, the trip to the specialist and the medication she needed were quite inexpensive in comparison to North America. However, for her they cost a week's wages. It's sobering.

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