Monday, October 24, 2011

Tuesday morning and I am enjoying a good coffee... admittedly not as beautiful as this one that I had at a nice hotel in Manila a while ago! But still, there's a certain nice feeling that that first cup of coffee.

Garry got up at 3:30 this morning to head to the hangar for a full day of flying with Brian and Josh. They're headed to one of our locations where the winds tend to pick up later in the morning, so they wanted to get an early start. Garry is doing all his flying from the right seat these days because of the checkout he's currently working on.
This is our last week of school before fall break, which we are all ready for. It seems we're all a bit tired and ready for a break. Several of Kevin's courses haven't turned out to be quite what we had anticipated, so we'll be thinking through some of that over our break. Kaleb's school is going really well. Kaleb continues to do a lot of animation, which is giving him great opportunities for writing, art, and storytelling.

When school is finished today I hope to do some food prep. With very little prepared food available here, I like to prep ahead-- cook some meat for quick meals, freeze chopped onions, freeze cookies and cookie dough, and bake extra muffins and breads to try to keep up with the constant demand for food at our house. I asked Juliet's daughter to come help today, so that should be a new, fun experience. She's excited for the work as she needs a costume for a Christmas program she's performing in.

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