Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday afternoon.... and a great start to our week! Some friends invited us to a birthday party at a pool about an hour from here, so we headed out there for lunch. We did some visiting and some swimming, and now it's back to normal life. The boys got most of their school finished early, so hopefully we won't be paying for our fun for too long!

Juliet asked me this morning if I had medicine for little kids... her older grandson has stomach issues now. I sent her home over lunch to buy some meds and some Gatorade for him. Poor little guy. And I just feel for the family.

Garry's one stack of papers is almost ready to put in the mail, and the other one is getting close. I think he's be incredibly relieved when it's finished for good... or at least for these two airplanes this year!

The other day we took our camera to the badminton court and it got pushed off a chair by a little girl. I think it's ruined, so we'll see how many photos we have for the next while. Our last camera gave up the ghost last summer and we just got a new one while we were home. Stink!

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