Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Monday morning... it's a beautiful day here, though it looks like it might rain soon. We've finished school already and Garry is at the hangar flying with the guys. Kevin is heading off to do some biking and videoing with a friend of this afternoon and Kaleb is looking for more information on rubber band powered airplanes.

A normal morning, or so it seems. Yet it all feels a bit strange still... as though we just arrived home about a week ago Jet lag is still rearing its ugly head most afternoons, and we all feeling the multiple adjustments we've been through lately. Still, it is good to be home! It is good to at least have a norm that we are shooting to get back to. It is good to know that at this moment, we are in the perfect place. It is comforting to know that God Himself sees where we are and what we're going through.... which isn't to say that there isn't joy in the moment also. There is a deep sense of satisfaction at being involved with a great aviation team. There is joy to see our friends again. There is fulfillment in doing what we're called to do. There is purpose in being here, present in this moment in time at this place. And that is good!

I am still working through the piles of papers on my desk-- all those things I didn't attend to while I was busy enjoying being in Canada and the US with family and friends! I think I can see the outline of the bottom of the pile now, which is a good feeling.

Garry is working on the checkout process with Brian and Joel. It is exciting to see Joel & Missy preparing to take over the Mindanao program while Brian & Bailey are on furlough. Joel is doing a great job with the flying and they are learning the other parts of the program also. While we were gone an internet satellite was damaged and our missionaries are once again dependent on HF radios for communication... it feels like stepping back in time!

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