Thursday, September 22, 2011

So, I thought I'd just add a couple of funny photos of the boys from our time in Canada... due primarily to the fact that I haven't really taken any photos since we returned. Not that there haven't been photos to take-- the traffic here is incredible, the national highway to the city is a sight to behold, the number of people on the street at any given time is enlightening, and the buildings around town are interesting, to say the least. Still... I haven't taken those photos with a camera!

It's Thursday afternoon already, and the week has gone much better than my forecast on Monday morning, except for the fact that a nasty cold has gotten the better of me and pretty much stolen my voice. Silence isn't all bad, though... I'm enjoying some quiet time to work in my office. And there is a definite outline to my desk now as the pile of papers has gotten quite small!

Garry has done some more flying this week and also spent a lot of hours in the office. It's definite that he enjoys flying more than the office!

Kevin and Kaleb have been enjoying biking and doing school. I think we're all glad tomorrow is Friday and we have a weekend coming... hopefully!

And if you can tell me why my text no longer wraps by the photos, I'd love to know! Why is everybody forever trying to improve things about the time we learn to use them?!


The Røsviks said...

Can't help with the text thing...I'm still amazed each time I post pictures and it works. :-) Glad that the week is going better than you thought on Monday, although I hope you feel better soon and get your voice back!

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

thanks, sara! miss you guys... i do feel a bit better today, which is an answer to prayer. i think i just need to stay out of situations where i tend to talk for the next while:).