Monday, August 13, 2012

Hong Kong

We're sitting in the Hong Kong airport pondering all that has happened over the past weeks and days. Thinking of the goodbyes and looking forward to the hellos at the other end. A chapter of our lives has passed. Incredible. I knew it was coming, I thought a lot about it. But still, now that it's really finished, it doesn't seem possible. I find myself teary-eyed, thankful for the amazing friends and experiences we've gained and sad that it's over. I can't help but wonder what kind of a chapter will follow that one!

I realized this morning that we haven't lived in any other country for 7 years since we've been married. (Venezuela was a close second with 6 years.). Kaleb has spent over half his life in the Philippines, and Kevin nearly half. We've learned a lot about faith in the Philippines, and we've grown in our understanding of both grace and discipline. We've seen God work. We've been part of an incredible team. We finished what we went to the Philippines to do, and we have seen God answer the prayers that we began praying when we moved there 7 years ago.

We have another 11-hour flight, then tomorrow we'll be in Tucson. A new chapter is beginning, complete with new friends (and some old ones!), new opportunities, new challenges, and a new country. God will prove Himself faithful once more. We will continue to grow and learn and change.... at least I hope we will!

Stay tuned to be a part of this new faith adventure with us...


Granny said...
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JJR said...

wow, moving really is such a huge challenge. I was trying to follow your posts through this, but I made a dumb mistake and just kept looking at the same blog post thinking there was nothing new added. Pretty sad for an IT guy. We haven't been through as many changes as you, but there is a lump in my throat and I think I could go for a good cry right now just reading about the experiences. Thanks for being honest and sharing.