Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday evening....

It's a rainy Sunday evening, warm and humid. I almost feel like I'm back in Malaybalay, Philippines. Funny how smells can bring memories flowing back, take you to another time, another place.

Last year at this time we were driving home from Arizona for Mom Barkman's funeral. It's been a weekend of remembering and some reflecting. Of spending time with family, thankful for the ones who are here and missing those who aren't. As we realize Mom has been gone a full year, we miss her in a different way. Her wisdom, her spirit, her friendship, and her simple presence. Thanks, Mom, for a rich legacy.

Garry and his dad went to Riverton today, and I'm anxious to hear how their day went, who they met, and what God did. I'm thankful they got to spend today together! Us ladies stayed home and enjoyed a good chat over nice coffee.

These days have been busy seeing some of you, communicating with NTMA, doctor visits, and planning for next school year's homeschooling. So many stories, so many blessings, so many challenges. Things I'd love to reflect on and share, but stories that are not mine to tell. You've blessed us by sharing your stories and your lives. We thank you.... and may the blessings and truths and stories of God's goodness and grace continue to circulate and encourage all of us, His Body!

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