Sunday, February 09, 2014

Home in Manitoba

We arrived home in the very early morning hours on Thursday. We got a few extra security checks, and extra flight, and a detour for our bags out of the weather issues in the US. Things didn't go exactly as we'd planned, but they went according to God's plan. So much of life is like that. Unexpected to us, planned by God. What a comfort when we face big decisions and challenges!

It's really cold in Manitoba. I'll leave it at that.

Kevin arrives home from nationals later today, and we are looking forward to all being home for a while. Some of our friends in the Philippines say the family is "complete"... that about explains it!

It really is good to be back at this home. I'm so looking forward to church this morning, to worshipping together and reconnecting. I've missed it. I've also missed having our own place... the Philippines has great guest homes, but it is nothing like a nice country home in Manitoba.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, rebuilding continues. This is home that people are trying to rebuild from available materials. Decent for a weekend of camping, maybe, but to live in, to raise your children in? I'm so thankful we can help people like these rebuild! Missionaries are also working at repairing or replacing fishing boats as needed. The job there remains unbelievably large, but what a privilege to invest in the ways we can!

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