Monday, November 10, 2014

Heading West

It's been a crazy few weeks... really crazy. I will try to post more over the next week or so, but suffice it to say that getting our visa took two trips to the border, Kevin did well in Saskatoon, Kaleb got some great time with friends, the flu is nasty this year, and we loved seeing so many people while packing up the house.

Yes, we've finished packing and cleaning the house in Manitoba and are headed to Washington with our worldly goods stowed in the truck, trailer, and van. We got a late start due to being sick the last couple of days in Manitoba, and ended up at the border late on Saturday. The border crossing went remarkably well and we didn't have to unpack anything! 

The weather wasn't great, so we stopped early Saturday night, hoping for an early start on Sunday. It was not to be... it's been cold, icy, and snowy. I don't think we've ever had a trip quite like this-- hour after hour of stressful driving. Of course, pulling a trailer adds to driving stress, but it is challenging even in the van. So what we thought was an easy two days' drive has now taken 3 days, and we're just over half way. We're praying better weather allows us to get there tomorrow.

And in the meantime, lots of memories being made! Looking forward to arriving, to seeing how God unfolds the next parts of our journey, but for now we are enjoying a very long drive! 

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Thinking and praying for you!!