Saturday, August 15, 2015

Friends, old and new

There are a number of things that make for a full life, but one of the greatest among them must be friends. Friends we've known for a long time, and new friends. Friends who make us laugh and the ones with whom we cry. Friends who help us out in tough times. Friends who offer the gift of simply being there.
In this journey we call life, we have a million opportunities to make friends, and often we do. Sometimes we don't. It may or may not be my fault, and you can't make every person you meet a friend. Still, there is that something that happens between us as we walk life together, learning and growing.

This has been a week of meeting many people, and making new friends. Garry has been in Bolivia this week, interacting with the folks in the flight program there. I haven't had much chance to talk to him, but he has mentioned several times how much he enjoyed the people. We had new friends here to visit from Oklahoma. We enjoyed meeting new people at a badminton barbecue. 

We've also enjoyed the people we already know, people who came to the house for dinner. People who had us over for pizza. A friend who took me for coffee. 

As I look at a week, I often list the tasks that need to be done or the projects I've finished. This morning I choose to focus on the people who are part of that journey, the friends who brighten the path we walk, adding depth and companionship. 

Thanks for being one of those people!

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