Saturday, September 05, 2015


Some things feel valuable and others just feel useless. A long soak in the tub feels useless to me, for some reason. A cup of coffee while staring into space feels like a waste of time. This week we were reminded that these things are often key. They allow us to keep creating, thinking, and producing. And I think they remind us that the world does not, in fact, depend on us. That we but a small part in a big production: our part matters, but it has its time and place. And sometimes what that place demands is that we slow down and savor the moment and drink from the well of God, whether that is through the beauty he created, the activities He gives to enjoy, or the solitude that He inhabits.

We had a busy week, really. Work and decisions and company. Places to be and people to see. The normal things that make up life. And to end the work week, we went cycling at Beacon Hill. Now, Kaleb can really take advantage of much of what Beacon offers: the rest of us less so, with me at the bottom of the riding scale. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy being surrounded by beauty and away from work and home with my three men. It was both fun and refreshing.

After we went home and cleaned up, I began problem solving in new ways. I was reminded of the gift of simply being alive. I was challenged to enjoy simply being. I was extra thankful for Garry and our sons. I was ready to tackle something new. I was ready to engage in life again. I fell asleep with those thoughts and woke up thinking the same ones.

Not that this never happens, maybe it's just been a bit too long since the last time. Or maybe I was just in a better place to simply enjoy the moment and the process. Whatever the cause, I'm simply thankful.


Sarah said...

I love reading your posts, and hearing your thoughts and wisdom expressed so simply and beautifully. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. Big hug to you! xx

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, Sarah! Praying you have a great week, and wishing it could include a nice cup of coffee together! Big hug back to you!