Wednesday, April 06, 2016

April already?!

April has begun without my permission. I was going through the motions of March, waiting for Spring, engaged in the daily tasks of living. And suddenly, we are nearly a week into April. Plus, Spring Break is nearly half over, which may be as disappointing to me as a homeschool mom as it is to my son. It has also just come to my attention that we have been in Spokane nearly a year and a half. Time moves on.

These daily tasks of living are important, in the long run they are the things that create traction in our relationships and endeavors. The daily doings of life are the things that grow into the fruit of our lives. And for the most part, I am thankful for the daily doings that God has led us to.

Garry is at the hangars at Moody Aviation every day, and is growing relationships with both students and staff. The small investments he's made over time are maturing into deeper opportunities to share truth, to get involved, to do life together and grow in relationship with God together.

Garry has also been investing in Aviation Safety issues, and over the past weeks we've seen some traction building in that arena also. Reporting is happening, students have shared how the safety seminar we hosted has changed the way they do things, and staff is resolving safety-related things that have been brought up.

Kaleb has made friends in the neighborhood, and we see things happening with those relationships. Last week after youth there was some discussion about the message in the car on the way home. This is huge when we're talking young teenage guys and the real things of life. In many ways, what is happening in his life is reflected in the property beside us. It's empty space, and soon after we arrived, Kaleb built a small jump there. One jumped turned into two, and now there is a pretty sizable track on the property and several guys who are very invested in it.

Every day, doing our best to simply trust and obey. It is paying off in various ways that we can see and maybe some we can't. And most of all, it pays off in the relationship we grow with God who loves and leads us.

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