Thursday, August 25, 2016

Family, Summer 2016

As the summer draws to a close and the school year looms closer I am thankful for our little family of four, our extended family, and a great circle of friends who bless and encourage us. Life in our family is changing as it is in yours, and I thought it might be time to get a short update on our blog.

Kevin is studying at Moody Bible Institute here in Spokane this fall, continuing to pursue a degree in communications. He started classes on Monday and is enjoying his profs and getting to know a few other students. We are enjoying having him live at home and being a part of this journey with him. Kevin also continues to pursue badminton and is investing in the program here in Spokane. Earlier this month he had the opportunity to attend a great training camp in Vancouver, BC.  This summer he has had various jobs, currently with Parks and Recreation. He's enjoyed helping in summer camps for kids and looks forward to working in other areas where Parks and Rec runs programs during the school year. His time quickly fill with coaching, training, and international tournaments.

Kaleb will start his senior year in just over a week. He really enjoyed working at our church camp in Canada for a week this summer as well as connecting with friends in Manitoba. He loves people and loves to encourage and help his friends. On our way back to Spokane  we stopped in Montana to ride a single-track trail Kaleb found online. It was incredibly beautiful and a great thing to do together. Since we returned to Spokane Kaleb has met a number of other riders and has enjoyed hitting some of the bigger jumps and riding with more experienced riders. His next Lego story is nearly scripted, and set building has begun, so the living room once more looks rather like a studio. He also continue to spend time at the local studio where he is currently interning.

Garry is enjoying a couple of weeks in Africa, doing aviation safety audits. The team he has been helping this week has been great to work with and he has shared several stories of all that God is doing and has done in Angola.

I'm thankful to be able to hold down the fort at home. Since we arrived back in Spokane I've been busy catching up on office work, reconnecting with friends, and doing the normal things of life.

We are on an amazing journey together and love the places where God has planted us and the ways He is growing us.

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