Friday, October 20, 2017

Patches of sunlight

Like the recent weather in Spokane, life is often a mix of sun and clouds. Both rain and sunshine bless our days. The temperatures swing between cool and warm, and we just get comfortable with one when the other comes along and we have to readjust. This semester has been one of change as Kaleb has started Bible School, Kevin is doing a lot of travel for badminton, Garry's work has included some big changes, and I have adjusted to days without homeschooling. Sometimes it seems we just get in a rhythm when it is interrupted and we find a new rhythm.

Yet in the midst of change, there are so many great constants! God has a plan and He is unfolding it. We are often reminded that the most important thing we do each day is seek God's plan and get in step with what He is doing. He has amazing ways of bringing people into our lives unexpectedly, and time with Him gives us the resources we need to invest in the people He brings. Tasks often take longer than expected, but there is so much less stress when we are sure that the task at hand is one He has sent to us. There are also days when the work goes quickly and we wonder what will come next just as the next thing appears and we are grateful the first chores went quickly.

These days Garry is busy with a number of different things at work. He's been in lots of meetings about various things that are happening on campus. He has enjoyed teaching various classes and doing some testing in maintenance.  Getting windows installed in some of the doors is another current project. Leading a weekly small group study with a few of the students has been a blessing.

Kaleb is enjoying school and is studying hard. He loves people and loves to interact and bless them. He likes to do video and has recently rediscovered how much he enjoys photography. Check out his instagram, bicycle_productions.

Kevin is studying, training, and traveling. His life is super full. God is giving him a great group of friends at Moody, which we are very thankful for. You can also follow him on instagram at barkmanwandering.

It's great to walk through life with the assurance that God is good and that both the sunshine and the shadows exist for our good and our growth. We are more blessed than we know!

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