Thursday, December 21, 2017

House full of Cheer

Home can be a quiet place or a loud place. Sometimes we retreat there and sometimes we reach out. At times we hide at home and other times we invite people in. Home can be a place to grow or a place to stagnate, a restful place or a stressful place. There are times we choose how to use home and times when it seems things take off on their own, without any invitation to do so.

We recently had a week where things seemed to take off of their own accord, without any prodding or warning. We had invited a couple guys for supper the first evening of our advisory board meetings here at Moody Aviation, and the two turned into seven by the time supper arrived. It was great to talk with these guys, hear their stories, and share what we're learning and doing and how we're growing.

A couple days later Kaleb invited "some friends" over, and quite a few showed up. Maybe twenty friends from Moody and church, though I honestly forgot to count. We did a make-your-own-pizza and salad supper then sat around swapping stories. A majority are in the aviation program, and it was fun to hear their thoughts and dreams for the future.

Between the slightly larger groups, various other people showed up. It was interesting to watch God simply bring people into our lives. I could have taken photos. I didn't get out the camera, so I'll post a couple that I enjoyed taking.... my new "favorite tree" to watch out the front window and a view from a recent trip.

The other thing that's been happening a lot at our house lately is fixing cars. Kevin and Dustin did a small job for a friend that turned into a somewhat larger project. Kaleb's car quit on his way home from school one day and it's been in the shop over a week as the guys troubleshoot and try different things. Our van has had some issues that needed attention, and Garry has it all fixed now. It's been cold for working on cars, but likely much warmer than it will be in a few more weeks.

As Christmas approaches I have grand ideas of more baking happening, but the process is currently on hold as I do my best to fight a cold and take care of the essentials. We are, however, the proud owners of a real tree that some friends gifted to us last week. The glowing lights and comforting aroma of pine fill the house and remind us to take time this Christmas season to remember the reason for Christmas and the gift of God's own Son.

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