Monday, December 04, 2006

Yahoo! RP-C660's engine ran today! Garry finished the inspection on the engine yesterday and received the parts he needed last night on a van. So this morning he installed the new parts, and the engine ran well! We were all so excited to see if it would work, so we were all outside for the event. You can see the smoke pouring out of the exhaust-- that is the remainder of the preservative oil burning off.

This is the boys watching the run-up. Actually, much of the time they were holding their ears because it was terribly loud!

Now Garry is working on the airframe inspectiong... checking brakes, wheels, and controls. He hopes to do a return-to-service flight later this week or next week.

This evening, Ungar and Linda, our Philipino co-workers here are coming for dinner. We will have pork adobo with rice, mungo beans, and coleslaw. I brought some cookies with us that I think I'll serve for dessert. It's been fun to be here again and catch up a bit on what's going on in their lives.

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