Friday, December 01, 2006

Home in Lada! Well, sort of... since we moved out last February a lot of "critters" have moved in to the house. We are busy killing ants and bees and trying to reclaim the house! All in all, it's wonderful to be back here, great for the kids to be able to work with Garry, run and play, and build a new tree fort, and amazing to have Garry right next door all day. All in all, we are incredibly thankful for this opportunity to be back in Lada for a week!

What's Garry doing to the airplane? This airplane has not flown for over 4 years, so a thorough inspection of both engine and airframe is in order. The engine has been preserved with a special oil during this time, and it looks like the preservation worked-- things look great so far! Garry decided to do the work on the engine first, and it's coming along well. Surprises always seem to occur with maintenance, and this time the surprise was some missing parts. Thankfully our friend on another island was able to located the needed items and is sending them to Palawan!

We pray that you have a blessed weekend.

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