Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Kevin...

the afternoon we played some badminton then had cake, ice-cream, and presents after supper. Kevin got to choose the meal, and he choose pork medallions, mashed potatoes, andOkay, so yesterday wasn't actually Kevin's birthday, but we did celebrate yesterday! We enjoyed going out for coffee as a family in the morning, then the boys went to help Garry in the hangar. In green beans. Then we had his favorite cake-- a chocolate cake with cream cheese and chocolate chip filling.

Kaleb gave Kevin a yo-yo, so the boys are busy learning string tricks! They are also trying to get their things together for Lada-- a good assortment of music, books, and tools. For my part, I'm trying to get a menu thought out and school stuff put together. Garry's working on getting the paperwork for the airplane organized.

Our plan is to leave early tomorrow morning so we'll arrive in Lada around noon. We are really looking forward to being there!

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