Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Good afternoon! This morning was a "business meeting" to set priorities for the next while and makes plans. Much to our surprise, the morning ended with a decision to go to Lada on Thursday or Friday. A flight came up that we'd like to do, and it seems that making the trip to Lada earlier is our best option. So we're off to packing and planning... we'll only be gone a week, so there isn't a lot to do!

How would you like to heat water for your morning coffee over charcoal?! I love the smell of cooking outdoors, and we love cooking over a fire when we're camping. However, if I cooked like that every day I think I'd get rather tired of it. Yet this is how many Filipinos cook all their food, heat their water, etc. The cheapest charcoal here is made from coconut husks and apparently works quite well.

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