Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Christmas is coming! Kaleb is excited for Christmas to come this year, so he has talked us into setting up the tree already! Jason and Jen lent us their Christmas tree, so we are enjoying it already. It's the prettiest tree we've ever had, though the real tree we enjoyed one year in Canada is a close second:).

In fact, Kaleb is so excited for Christmas to come that he has begun making, and giving!, gifts. His first gift was to his brother.

Garry is flying today, so I am sitting by the radio teaching school and working on some office projects. One of my favorite things today is high-speed internet that allows me to do on-line business quickly. No more waiting five minutes for a page to load!

Do you ever wonder what fills up the airplane time and time again? Today Garry's load was three passengers going to visit a tribal location, ashtmas medicine for a lady who is on her last inhaler tablet, fresh vegetables, unleaded gas for running generators and lawn mowers, propane gas for stoves, dogfood, groceries, and paint. In fact, when everything you use has to be flown, it isn't hard to fill a flight with 470 kilos! (Just think of everything you haul in your car and add supplies for things that come to your home like propane or natural gas, electricity, and mail!)

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