Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Garry is in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea today... at least I hope he is! He will take a flight with NTMA later today to Goroka for the safety seminar he is attending. Since this is his first time in Papua New Guinea I'm sure he's having some interesting experiences:). His hours in Manila were pretty eventful due to the holiday (All Saints' Day) and lack of public trasportation.

The boys and I are trying to get some school done this morning. It always amazes me how much Garry's absense affects them and in what ways. I can just tell they're having a hard time... which makes it hard to decide sometimes what is the best plan-- more or less structure! God has answered another prayer in providing badminton lessons for Kevin and Kaleb. They have enjoyed soccer and are now enjoying badminton, and we recently found out about a personal trainer who will help them learn the basics and proper form. We're all pretty excited about that-- great PE class!

Monday Garry did a flight to the south of the island. He was glad to take some friends back into their location. When he arrived home the boys helped him fuel and clean the airplane so things are in good order while he is gone.

Another recent blessing is some construction guys who are helping with projects in the hangar-- finishing up some work in the office, building a room for storage, and doing other little things that need done in order to have the hangar fully functional. As relative new-comers to Puerto, we really enjoy people who know where to purchase different items and how to get things done.... and these people are just that kind of blessing to Garry!

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