Monday, November 20, 2006

Another flight day... It must be that sitting by the radio reminds me to blog! Somehow our days have gone zipping by and it seems that I haven't accomplished much.

Garry had two flight planned today, but he is currently finishing up his third flight! While he was in the air we got a call that someone had cut off the tips of two fingers and needed medical attention. (If you were the missionary in that location, what would you do?!) Thankfully, Garry was on the south side of the island close to where the patient lives, so he was able to go pick them up.

Many days have surprises like this, and it's always interesting to see how everything works out. We have an airplane that is stored at a location to the south of the island, though we had planned to bring it to Puerto over a month ago. This morning when the cargo arrived there was more than anticipated, and since Garry didn't have any passenger flights planned, he left the seats to make better use of the weight. When our friends called for the emergency flight, I wondered what he could do. AHA! the other airplane has seats, which he simply took out and put in the airplane he's flying. Thank you, Jesus, for working it out!

When Garry gets home the boys are going to the hangar to help him wash the airplane and clean it inside. They'll also fuel it so it's ready to go whenever it's needed again!

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