Monday, November 13, 2006

I thought I'd share a few more photos of Papua New Guinea, though Garry has been home nearly a week now!

Isn't this a cool picture?! This DC-3 was mounted outside the hotel where Garry had breakfast the first day he was in New Guinea. Actually, he flew all night and enjoyed several hours at the hotel before meeting others and continuing his journey!

The room the guys met in... Mission Safety International presented the seminar for several different mission groups-- NTMA, SIL, and MAF. NTMA hosted the seminar and also organized it. Thanks, NTMA-PNG!

This is the NTMA plane outside of the MAF hangar in Port Moresby. NTMA picked up a load of attendees from here on Wednesday afternoon, and Garry was part of that load!

Today Garry changed the tires on the airplane. He's enjoying being back in the hangar and doing maintenance! Tomorrow he needs to do some office work, not quite as much fun, but necessary.

This afternoon the girls went shopping and brought home a new-to-us fruit. It looks rather interesting, so we'll see how it tastes tomorrow. I was quite surprised to find out the store didn't have any cheese... and there are only two stores that carry cheese (besides Velveeta-type), and the other store is extremely pricey. While this happens occasionally, I had to do some fast thinking today since we were going to use cheese for supper. Dairy products are hard to find here, which has radically changed the way we eat!

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