Thursday, March 05, 2009

Good afternoon! How is your week starting? Here at our house it's a bit hard to get going with the time change... though just a short hour this time! The boys are getting moving and I thought I'd take this opportunity to say good morning!

Last weekend the boys participated in a tournament, getting runner-up in doubles and Kevin got runner up in singles.

We enjoyed a quiet week at our house last week. Kevin has been doing lots of reading, some carving, and a bit of hockey on the garage. Kaleb is into making kites and puppets, challenging his brother at hockey, and playing in the snow.

On Saturday Uncle Carl called and asked Garry if he would be interested in some tickets to the Moose game (hockey, for those of you not from here)! We all enjoyed a great evening-- a first for all of us except Garry. In fact, I don't think the rest of us have ever been to any game at that level! The boys were pretty amazed by the hockey.

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