Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good morning! How are things going for you? Here in Manila life is somewhat hectic-- this huge city always feels a bit like that for me. The traffic is incredible and there are more people than you can believe could occupy such a small area. Garry has been pretty busy at the government aviation offices, but we've also taken some time to take the boys to badminton and do a few fun things. We have another week here, but our schedule is quickly filling up.

The work at the government offices has been pretty complicated. They are going through some major changes and many things are very unclear at this point. We are praying that God directs the guys to the people who can help them accomplish the paperwork that they need to get done-- getting our new pilots mechanic licenses and also renewing the certification on our airplanes.

We're really enjoying our time with the 4 aviation families that are here. God is doing neat things in our team as we seek Him. We love the spirit on our team-- the desire to work together to bless the field through aviation and whatever other means we can.

The boys have been trying to do some school, but every time we travel I'm reminded how hard it is to fill your mind with information while experiencing life in a different context, living out of suitcases, and being out of routine. They've been playing quite a bit of badminton and have had some amazing opportunities in that. Kevin also had an interesting conversation with a doctor at the chiropractor's office-- the man was telling Kevin how all religions are the same, the Bible is unbelievable, etc. Kevin's answer-- "What do you have to say about the power of God to change lives?"

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