Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good morning from Mindanao! Yes, we're home again! We arrived last Tuesday and have been busy getting settled back in, enjoying our regional conference, touching base with Brian & Bailey, and cleaning out the freezer the went off while we were gone.

Our regional conference was great! We enjoyed getting to know some of the families that we've barely met and also hearing what God is doing in different locations. We were reminded to pray earnestly for God's work. We were encouraged by the fact that the trials we face and "light and momentary" and the reward is always bigger than the cost in God's economy. Kevin jumped in to help with the younger kids. Kaleb enjoyed some new friends. Wow, God!

Garry is back at the hangar this morning and I'm headed downstairs to look through our school stuff so we can get started this morning. Kevin got a bad cold which seems to have traveled to his chest. He's been resting and trying some home remedies, which seem to be working. Kaleb is busily learning about animation.

Yes, it's good to be home. My internet is incredibly slow, so I'll keep this short and won't even try a photo. Hopefully next time...

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