Friday, March 23, 2012

 We arrived in McNeal, Arizona late Saturday night. We unpacked the car, found what we needed to go to bed, and crashed. It was a rather strange feeling to walk into the same trailer we lived in for nearly 3 years and it be a guest trailer. So many memories came flooding back as we walked through the rooms and checked out what had been done to the trailer since we left.

The following day we went shopping. On the way to town there was a huge dust storm. The air reeked of dust and we could barely see the road for a short while. Then things cleared up and we went to the grocery store. When we came back out, the wind was whipping across the parking lot. In fact, it stole a box of tissue from our cart and blew it half way across the parking lot before we could catch it.

We had lunch at an old favorite restaurant, El Alamo. It's a small place serves authentic Mexican food for reasonable prices. Good memories! When we got home Garry and I wanted to go walking, but it was cold and windy. Too cold to walk with just our sweatshirts!

Monday Garry started meetings with a co-worker from Papua New Guinea. They spent many hours discussing possible ways to set up a safety system and what that system needs to include. In fact, Garry has spent all week meeting with different people, gaining and understanding of some of what is happening here at our headquarters as well as discussing possibilities for the safety program. It's amazing to see how God is opening doors and closing doors. Truly, we are blessed to serve the Most High God who cares about every aspect of our lives!

Later today we'll head to Tucson to meet a friend of Kevin's and play some badminton. We actually joined a tournament, so it should be a fun weekend getting to know the local badminton community!


Candy Dalton said...

It's my yard! :)

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

yup, with snow on it, at least for an hour or so last week!