Friday, March 09, 2012


Re-entry. It sounds simple... we've done it before and we'll do it again. And it is simple. You just begin living here (this time in Manitoba) like you have before. But, the journey to FEELING normal in a new environment can be long. I've thought about it before. I was clearly reminded of it when I stopped by Tim Horton's for a breakfast sandwich for Mom and I.

Everybody else was standing there looking around while I was anxiously studying the menu to find the breakfast sandwich that I was quite sure was there. But where? And what was it called, and did they still have the same ham option?

In fact, everybody else seemed like they'd been there often... maybe several times a week. There may have been another "foreigner" hiding in there somewhere, but I didn't notice any. People were greeting one another, discussing the weather. And they all spoke perfect English-- not a word I didn't understand among all those people.

I figured out what I wanted and felt quite accomplished to give my order only once and just get a total for my breakfast, no questions I didn't have the answers to!

The employees behind the counter were hurrying about, putting orders together very quickly. Hurrying! I haven't seen that for a very long while. And when I got my order 2 minutes later, the lady apologized for the wait. I'm sure I looked a like confused at that....

Then, I had a bag and a pair of gloves and a headband in my hands. There's got to be a trick to keeping all this winter gear straight and staying warm. For my part, I guess I should have kept my gloves on, cause my hands were very cold by the time I got back to the care. (And I should have been watching... maybe nobody takes off their gloves to order breakfast? Then again, I don't think I saw many gloves this morning... people seem to think it's warming up!)

Even as I write this, I wonder if you'll understand what was so strange about all this, so far from my recent experience, so novel. So new, and yet somehow also just like I remember it. Only the memories are fuzzy and the experience somewhat stressful.

This isn't quite Tim Horton's but it is snowy Manitoba!

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