Sunday, May 20, 2012

Checkout Complete!

On Thursday Garry & Joel completed both the airstrip checkout at the airstrip that's been worked on and Joel's checkout at this location! This is another step in completing the things we need to finish before we head to Palawan and eventually Canada. It is amazing to think about all the people who were involved in getting this airstrip back to working order-- over 200 people worked on the airstrip, Dave & Joel drove in by land to check it out, Albert organized the work... and the list goes on an on!

Dave was the guy on the ground for the first couple of flights, making sure the airstrip was clear and the weather was good. He went in on his motorcycle, and the guys brought him and his bike out... the tires had to come on the second flight out:).

When Garry was done flying for the week we did a lot of sorting... if you empty everything out of your house, it's amazing how many things are there! We are planning a small sale this coming week, so we're gathering things for that, piling things up to pack for Canada, and sorting through what we'll need for Palawan, Manila, and Arizona.

Last night some friends invited us for a hotdog roast. It was fun to reconnect a bit. They're also headed home next year to help their kids settle in North America, so they're feeling with us as we uproot and prepare to leave. Their son Richard and Kevin are good friends, and the boys are trying to log lots of hours before they say goodbye, and this was another opportunity to do so.

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