Friday, October 11, 2013

Flight and friends...

Garry took me flying the other evening... just for fun! In our lives in mission aviation, Garry has flown a lot of hours. I've gone on a limited number of flights because flights were most usually full, and I needed to stay by the radio. But we have seldom had opportunity to fly for the fun of it. In fact, it's only the third time in my life I remember being in an airplane just for the fun of it! It was fun, it was beautiful! We enjoyed a sunset, we enjoyed being together. Blessed.

Garry has had a few neat opportunities lately, and one of them was roofing with a couple of friends for an afternoon. After some long days in the office, it was a much-needed break to spend the afternoon working physically. Blessed.

Kevin has been excited by the work opportunities he's been getting lately as well. He's had fun working on a few farms lately. And he's had some very good training opportunities lately as well. It's exciting to see how God is bringing things together for him as he pursues a new chapter in his life of following and serving God.

This week I did another "almost first".... I took Kaleb on a field trip! Again, we've done a lot of interesting things and we've been a lot of places, but seldom do we go just for the purpose of school fun and learning. And this day ended up to be perfect! Roseau River Bible Camp hosted a group of us, providing great activities for the kids-- BMX biking, zip lining, and archery. And we took a short hike to see a hanging bridge. Kaleb met a new friend and neighbour, a homeschool kid who loves to bike and make movies. "Mom, what are the chances?" he asked me last night. Blessed.

Kaleb and I were discussing perspective this week, and how our perspective can change simply by what we tell ourselves. And there's nothing as powerful as asking God for His perspective, catching glimpses of the blessings we are given in light of eternity. And from that perspective, we are all incredibly blessed!

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