Monday, October 28, 2013

This week...

Friday evening we had dinner with some friends of Garry's from flight training days. Allan and Esther work with NCEM, and are excited about what God is doing with First Nations people in Canada. It was fun to hear their vision for the work up north. There's always something neat about time with people who are involved in mission aviation and leadership, a kindredness of spirit.

We spent most of the weekend at the Winnipeg Winter Club, watching Kevin and Kaleb play badminton. Kaleb had a blast playing, and Kevin was into serious competition. A lot of great players from
various parts of Canada competed, and Kevin met many of them. He enjoys chatting with other athletes and hearing their stories, training strategies, and thoughts. Interacting with others in his field is helpful and stimulating. The opportunities to live faith are many, and he was busy planting seeds this weekend.

Garry is back in the office today, finishing up some things for NTM Aviation. This month marks 25 years since he joined NTM Aviation, 25 years of opportunity, surprises, rewarding ministry, challenges, and investment in planting churches all over the world. It's been quite a ride, full of incredible people and blessings!

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Benno said...

I noticed that Cynthia played too. That's cool.