Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Just for fun...

I thought I'd post this photo from the Grand Canyon just for fun. It's nice to have boys who like to play with the camera!

The past week has been busy with a myriad of things.... finishing up some safety stuff in the office, phone calls, school, getting firewood, having friends over for dinner. What struck me this morning is how each day is meant to be governed by God. He actually cares what we're doing, and in each moment, each hour, He has a plan to use us in HIs kingdom.

The seeds we plant with the people around us, the times of prayer, the energy we invest in relationships, the heart of worship, the tasks we do as part of living-- all things are meant to bring Him honor and glory. And that happens as we walk in step with His Spirit.

Today is a blank sheet, a new chance to experience God and invest in His kingdom and work.

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