Monday, November 11, 2013

Panama 1999-2000

Learning... We arrived in Panama as a young family, eager to learn and experience life in a smaller program. Flight scheduling, bookkeeping, and juggling various jobs in addition to flying and maintenance was a new experience as we worked alone after serving as part of a large team. God gave us a great team of missionaries to work with and serve, and we loved our year in this beautiful country.  

We arrived in Panama with a 4-year-old and a six-week-old, excited about this new venture. Another couple trained us in the flight program, marked a map of Panama City with favorite places, and introduced us a to a great getaway spot before moving on to their next ministry. The leadership team encouraged and blessed us, becoming good friends over the year we were there. Friends adopted us with the adage, “You have to take care of your pilot!” All in all, God gave us great new friends in Panama and a renewed vision for teamwork.

Our year in Panama we flew for works among the Buglere, Kuna, and Naso. The first two were older works, while the Naso work was just beginning. We were also privileged to witness the salvation of a couple who worked for us and have since been a huge part of the local church in Chame, Panama. 

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