Monday, November 11, 2013

Canada, 2012-1013

Paying back... We’ve often joked over the last year that we moved to Manitoba to pay for all the fun and excitement we’ve had overseas. Garry spent our first year in Canada working as  Director of Aviation Safety, traveling to various locations and getting more training in aviation safety. Other focusses have been home assignment and helping Kevin settle into life as a young adult. 

The past year has been challenging in a totally new way as we have worked with NTM Aviation from a distance, re-connected with our church and friends, learned again how to function in Canada, and spent weeks on the road. This year has also been incredibly rewarding as we have planted seeds and seen them sprout and begin to grow.  

In some senses, this time is still too new to summarize. The story is not yet complete, so it is hard to relate. Yet already we are blessed by walking through this time as children of God, relying on His direction, grace, and strength. 

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