Monday, November 11, 2013

Celebrating 25 years in Mission Aviation!

Last month we celebrated 25 years in mission aviation! It’s been an incredible journey that has spanned 5 countries on 3 continents and supported 25 tribal churches. We have seen God do far beyond what we could ask or imagine. We’ve experienced God in more situations than we can count and worked with incredible people. As we move on, we want to take a few moments to relive parts of the journey with you, our friends, supporters, mentors, and co-workers who have journeyed with us.

I am posting overviews of what God did and what we experienced in the various countries where we've served. 

Moving on.... As things have unfolded with NTM Aviation and the safety job over the past year, we have come to the realization that God is once more moving us on. As of the end of October, we are no longer serving with NTM Aviation, but plan to continue to be involved in mission aviation with New Tribes Mission of Canada. This is yet another move, a transition for us. But God is faithful! The details of the future are still unclear, but God is giving us many opportunities to be involved in consulting for mission aviation. He continues to confirm and clarify His call on our lives. We are passionate about the potential of mission aviation and the people who minister there. We love helping resolve technical challenges while encouraging people towards God and His plan for them. 

We trust you will continue this journey with us, a journey to see God glorified because of who He is and to prove His faithfulness as we follow Him in simple obedience.  Thanks for your part in our journey and for taking time to reflect with us on all God has done over the past 25 years. 

Truly, He is worthy of all honor and glory and praise!


Sarah said...

Wow, what a beautiful summary of the last 25 years! We love your family, and are so thankful that our paths crossed during our years in the Philippines. I still remember when Markus drove up north from Manila with your family (we didn't really know you guys at that point) and he told me after getting home that he just spent the day in the car with a very special family, and that we needed to make it a priority to get to know you guys. :-) And I'm so thankful that we did! :-) And very exciting to hear the changes coming up...we know that NTM of Canada will be blessed by having your family on their team.

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

Thanks, Sarah! And we love you guys... you were such a bright spot in our time in Aritao:). Thanks for making it a priority to get to know us:). Love you and wish you blessings today!