Monday, November 11, 2013

Venezuela 1988-1999

Beginnings.... Garry arrived in Venezuela in 1988 and worked on loan to Mission Aviation Fellowship for several years before we were married. Having both grown up in Venezuela, we were friends with the missionaries and many of the tribal people. In this busy program we learned the ropes of a mission aviation program. 

In fact, we were privileged to be part of opening NTM Aviation’s program in Venezuela. Besides flying, Garry was also in charge of maintenance for most of his years in Venezuela. We were privileged to work alongside many different pilot/mechanic families. Most of our missionaries were totally dependent on the airplane for all transportation, so the demands of this program often felt endless.

As an aviation program, we supported work among the Yanomamo, Piaroa, Maquiritare, Yuana, Panare, Pume, and Maco people groups. When we left Venezuela, each of these groups except the Maco had a functioning church.

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