Monday, November 11, 2013

Philippines, 2005-2012

 Enjoying... After 3 years in Arizona God moved us to the Philippines. The years we spent there were some of the most challenging and exciting in our journey as we trusted God to re-open flight programs on 3 islands and train 6 new pilot families. We had an impossible prayer list when we moved to the Philippines, but God granted all of those answers and more besides! 

The leadership in the Philippines impressed us by their faith. We loved the way they led and were blessed by the way they ministered to us through the many challenges we faced. We lived on two very different islands and Garry especially spent a lot of time traveling to other islands. On both the islands we called home, we “learned the ropes” and then ran the flight program for a while before training new families. Our family also made several extended trips to other islands to train new families. We worked with a younger team and were amazed by the opportunities we had to invest in their lives and by the ways they blessed us.

Honest relationships and a new leadership paradigm were things we took away from the Philippines. One of our biggest prayer requests when we moved there was for a healthy team. God granted that and we enjoyed team work like we had never experienced it before. As a flight program we served missionary teams in eleven locations and saw the birth of three new churches during our time in the Philippines.

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