Saturday, November 23, 2013


My basement is quite cozy with the fire cracking and me bundled up in my sweatshirt and warm slippers, sipping coffee. Life feels good in this moment.

I'm sitting reading updates from the Philippines, humbled and awed by both the needs and hope. The hope on the faces of these people who were receiving aid. The resilience behind a kitchen on the beach.  The width of the destruction is staggering. The reality of more than 2.5 tons of aid delivered, and the end not really sight.

NTM and MAF are partnering to help small islands that would not otherwise receive aid because the larger relief effort is focus on more densely populated areas. The island we are serving have relatively few people (30-400 houses). Many people have eaten little or nothing since the typhoon, and they are incredibly thankful for the aid they are receiving through the partnership of the local church, NTM, MAF, and generous donors around the world.

As time goes on the aircraft are needing maintenance and the pilot/mechanics are getting tired. Av-gas is hard to come by, but God continues to provide. Longer-term decisions need to be made as it becomes obvious that the opportunity to help and bless and serve is much bigger than we imagined. 

Garry has been in Arizona for meetings this week, and we are looking forward to having him home again late tonight. His week has been really full, but we are thankful for this opportunity God gave to be involved in what He is doing in other parts of mission aviation.  

As I reflect on the realities others are facing this day, I am thankful and humbled. We have been given so much, and we want to invest that in what God is doing, in the bigger picture around the world and in the smaller picture of neighbors, friends, and family. To receive blessings with joy and pass them on generously. That is my challenge today.

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