Thursday, January 16, 2014

Seaweed delivered and ER visited

I still haven't properly written up our visit to Mindanao, but life keeps happening, so I'm moving on. Last week we arrived back in Manila on Monday evening and Tuesday morning Garry and Dominic took off for Batangas. What's in Batangas? A seaweed farm! 

It was a beautiful trip and they had plenty of time to enjoy the scenery because their vehicle didn't go very fast. The A-Star arrived on Wednesday morning and the guys got right to work. The seaweed was delivered in rice sacks, which they loaded onto the heli. From there the seedlings were transported to Conception, and from there to farms on Conception and a couple of other nearby islands. A week later Philip reported, "The seaweeds are doing great. The people are so happy. They are all saying what good quality seaweed it is and how fast it is growing. This made a huge impact on the people and will no doubt be great for the furtherance of the gospel. The Lord is going to use this mightily to glorify His name and bring people to know Him. We  know it is still a long road ahead to recovery but nothing is to small for the Lord."

While waiting for the heli to deliver the seaweed Garry and Dom were treated to some great Filipino hospitality. They spent time with farmers and their families, went for a drive, and even got to tour a lighthouse that's over 100 years old!

The end of last week we spent on paperwork. This week was set aside for meeting with the aviation team in a number of various ways, and we've been enjoying that. God has given this team a lot of great gifts and we so enjoy spending time with them!

Tuesday evening Kaleb began complaining of a stomach ache, and by Wednesday noon he was in the operating room for an appendectomy! We are so thankful for good medical care here, and the experience has been as positive as surgery can be. Kaleb is recovering well and he should be able to go home tomorrow!

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