Friday, January 03, 2014

Mindanao this week...

This week Garry, Kaleb, and I are in Mindanao! It's been fun to be back at an old home, enjoying time with friends and hearing what God is doing here. Though we've done some visiting, it hasn't gotten the time we would have wished because our week has been really busy. We came to help with some aircraft maintenance and bookkeeping, and those things have kept us all very busy.

The guys are doing an inspection on the airplane that flew 66 hours for relief work over the past weeks.    Since it came home from relief work it's been busy moving supplies and people, so it needed a bit of TLC. The inspection is coming along well, but they aren't going to be able to finish before we have to head back to Manila. So, we'll have to make a plan for that.... 

Seaweed seedlings
The rush to get back to Manila isn't to be in Manila.... it's to help deliver seaweed seedlings to the islands around Cuyo. The seedlings have a 24-hour shelf life between picking and re-planting, and the only available seedlings are far from where devastated farms are in need of them. So, Garry will drive several hours south of Manila to a seaweed farm to help organize and load the seaweed. It will fly direct to Conception, one of the islands that is centrally located and from which it can easily be transported to farmers on other islands. The logistics have been really challenging, but God is bringing things together and we are excited to see the farmers able to replant next week!

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