Sunday, December 29, 2013

Busuanga & Celebrations

Today Garry and I celebrated 22 years of married life, 22 years of adventure, 22 years of trusting God for the impossible together. It's been a grand ride! And God gave us a great time over breakfast this morning, rehearsing His goodness and grace in our lives together.

We did spend Christmas in Palawan as planned, and came to Manila on the 26th. Although we didn't have much time to make plans for Christmas, we made good memories. Christmas Eve we had dinner with the Puerto team then spent some time singing and sharing. On Christmas Day we visited some other friends in Puerto and had more fun-- catching up and reminiscing on other times together.

Between celebrating Garry, Josh, and Phil spent a lot of time discussing our next project, getting seaweed seedlings to Conception for the seaweed farmers. I'll post more about that next time, suffice it to say, we've done a lot of thinking and planning, and the plan has still not come together.

These are photos of Kevin's time in Busuanga. The Jet Ranger heli team there delivered about 15,000 kg of food and other supplies to areas around Busuanga. Kevin really enjoyed worked with NTM-Philippines personnel there. In each place the pastor would accompany the helicopter on the first trip and share with the people that we were doing this because we love God and care about them. Long days and lots of cargo, a broken fuel pump and non-functional cargo cart kept things interesting the week they were there.

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