Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shipping week...

The week is nearly over already. And Christmas is less than a week away. Really, it is! I can hardly believe it myself. I think this week we did decide where to spend Christmas, which feels good to a semi-planner like me. After all, I bought some lights to hang in our apartment here. And we may do some shopping yet. At the moment, the trappings of Christmas seem rather insignificant. Every day we are reminded how blessed we are.

I think this has been a "shipping week". Monday morning Garry shipped 50 sacks of rice, 72 sacks of 40 kg family packs, 3 sacks and 86 boxes of other food to Cuyo. Tuesday he sent more goods to Busuanga via several companies. He even sent a fresh cake via air cargo as a thank you to the people who lent us a cargo cart so we could continue loading the helicopter.

When Garry isn't shipping something, he's talking to someone.... people in Manila, Busuanga, and Iloilo whose efforts we are helping coordinate. Folks who want to donate and companies that are helping us. And this is winding down!

Kevin has been loading cargo-- about 15,000 kg of relief goods between him and another guy. Each piece of cargo has to be weighed, divided into loads, then loaded on the heli, so the guys have really moved about 50,000 kg in 3 days! Today he gets home and I can't wait to see photos and hear his story. Who knows, he might even blog it:).

I'd also like to highlight "Fuel the Relief, A conspiracy of generosity" blog. Garry was able to meet the pastor and chat with him before we left Manitoba. Check it out, you'll enjoy it! 

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