Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pondering in a Plane

I wrote this on our way over and decided to post it now...

The flight tracker says we have just over 8 hours left of this leg of our journey, and the little airplane icon keeps moving across the screen. I can hardly believe we are actually going, that next time I crawl into bed it will be in the Manila guesthome, a place that has often been home for a few days or a couple of weeks. A world so far removed from what we’ve been doing and thinking and learning that it boggles the mind.

In all the busyness of saying goodbyes, making arrangements, and packing to go it’s been easy to forget that we’re actually going. But sitting in the cramped airplane seat, eating airline food it is hitting me. We’re really going! 

In some ways we’re going back-- back to familiar places to work with some familiar people. But there will also be a lot of new things. We’ve been gone for over a year, and we are going back to do a bit of a different thing. I cannot imagine the needs we will face, the decisions we may be part of making. 

In the meantime, the view out the window is stunning!

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