Friday, July 18, 2014

Film and Faith

Over the past couple of weeks Kaleb has been busy with filmmaking. He entered a 48-hour film contest a couple weekends ago. At the end of the contest there was a screening at a small theatre in Winnipeg, the first time of of Kaleb's animations has been on a big screen! To add to the excitement, he won Best Editor! Last week Kaleb started 2 weeks of Teens Summer Film Camp. It's been a great experience. It's been a great opportunity. It's also been full of challenges.

This small thing feels like a reflection of so much of life. Kaleb has had opportunity to walk into a world he can relate to, and that has given him chances to both live and share faith. Being involved in a world that has its share of darkness has been awesome-- how often do we get a viable chance to walk with new people along new paths and live in a way that is sometimes dramatically different than anything they may have seen or experienced?

Besides this entry into a new world we thoroughly enjoyed the EMC Convention, Dad and Doris were married last weekend, and Garry is headed home from a trip to Calgary. I'll post more later....

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