Monday, July 28, 2014

Prairie Aviation Safety Workshop

The focus of safety in mission aviation continues to change as we seek to use the resources God has entrusted to us more wisely and efficiently. As we continue to learn, we develop a deeper appreciation of how trust on a team improves safety and how much we must depend on input from every level of the organization in order to function safely.  

Just over a week ago Garry was invited to attend a safety workshop hosted by Prairie School of Mission Aviation and presented by Larry Heintz from Mission Aviation Fellowship International. The focus of the workshop was how to set up an Aviation Safety Management System and building trust among team members. He loved his week with other pilot/mechanics, learning and sharing about aviation safety!

This was a small workshop, with usually just 5 people in attendance. Of those five, 4 were from a Mennonite background and 3 of those had grown up on dairy farms. (I've been trying to figure out how dairy farming and flying are related... I have some ideas, but given my limited understanding of dairy farming, I think I'll be silent about those!) It was a very profitable week for Garry and the Prairie Aviation team as they learned and shared ideas.

Now Garry's home again, dividing his energy between aviation safety, planning a trip to Spokane, working construction, and helping with some relief stuff in the Philippines. With all that's going on, we're enjoying the long days of summer!


Unknown said...

lol - let me know your thoughts on how dairy farming and flying are related!!
~ Pat

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

Routines, hard work, and maybe the rest we have to discuss in person:).