Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Not according to my plan...

Things seldom turn out as planned, at least in my experience. God seems to take a unique joy in surprising us, in changing our direction, in revealing His character and goodness. That said, sometimes the surprises are not so pleasant to our way of thinking, some days we can't figure how the truth of God applies to our lives, and God's goodness is obscured. And most of the time, we see through a glass darkly, His character and goodness often clouded by our desires and life in a fallen world.

Since my last post we have been surprised in a number of ways, most of them still in the unfolding stage. We've enjoyed great times with family and friends. Garry made some progress on the shed he's building and spent several days in the office working on projects for Moody Aviation and preparing to move. We loved the Barkman family picnic at the park. We got and update from Moody's lawyer, and it seems like we have some direction, and she is currently preparing papers for us to apply for a visa. Garry and I spent a couple days in Fargo.

As I said, things seldom turn out as planned.... but we still plan and anticipate. These days Garry is looking forward to a Safety Manager Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya next month. He is planning to join the Mission Aviation Fellowship team as they learn about the various responsibilities of a safety manager and discuss challenges and opportunities in mission aviation.

When Garry returns we plan to head to Spokane, WA and spend some time with the team there and check into housing options in preparation to move later this fall.

In the meantime we are loving the warm days of summer.... trust you are also!


Sarah said...

Love how you can communicate so clearly and gracefully. And love the family picture! :-)

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

thanks... it's pretty weird turning into the shortest person in the family:)