Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday optimism

I heard once that an optimistic is a person who thinks they can accomplish in one day what they haven't been able to do in the past year. I can feel with that. And today was supposed to be my day! The day is passing, and I think the list is growing, not diminishing.

Garry, Kevin, and Kaleb are enjoying working together on a shed these days. Kevin is incredibly thankful to be back at work after his weeks with a broken toe. Garry really enjoys getting his hands dirty after so long in the office, even though he still has office stuff to do when he gets home. Besides building, Kaleb is doing bicycle repairs and tune-ups for people, which has been a fun little business for him.

Last weekend was the annual Braun Hog Roast, a great time to reconnect with family we don't see as often. It was a  great afternoon of chatting and relaxing, hearing what God is doing in various lives and just enjoying the time together.

I'm in the school planning stage, figuring out the school calendar (Manitoba or Washington?) and finalising curriculum choices. I've also enjoyed a bit more time with friends over the summer break. So, though I have a huge pile of office stuff I haven't finished yet, I'm enjoying my summer and looking forward to another school year.

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