Saturday, January 24, 2015

People and ponderings

Saturday.  Right now it's sort of my day to get out of normal routine at home and catch up on other stuff that hasn't found a place in my routine yet. Really, it's a gift of time to refocus on God and what He is doing and where our lives fit into that in a bit of a bigger chunk of time. And the process of focusing on God is always good, because He is good. His mercies are new every morning and His grace is beyond understanding. His justice is sure, his truth stands forever. And we are His kids! Wow. 

This week started with a day off, a great day to do some house projects and connect with a couple from Moody. We enjoyed breakfast at their place, hearing about what God has done in their lives and sharing a bit of our journey. We also had another family over one evening and were blessed by a great conversation and a very relaxing time. As I ponder the week I see that connections are happening, new friendships are being forged, and I am blessed. 

Garry's week seemed to go quickly (to me!), with days full of contacting various people as he begins to work on different aspects of the Safety Management System, finishing up parts of his orientation, a few meetings, and work on a presentation. 

Kaleb and I did school and spent an afternoon with some new friends and another afternoon with people we've known longer. He worked on some animations and went sledding with the neighbours. We ran to the grocery store for frozen pizza for lunch one day simply because we could. We read a good book. All in all, this week felt like a week of settling into a new routine and having some space to simply enjoy the things we are doing.  
I hope your week was one of blessing and opportunity. I hope you had opportunity to trust God for things and that you, too, were blessed by the things He is doing around you. 

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