Saturday, January 31, 2015

This world...

 I keep thinking of things to post about, but so many of them would ring hollow with you, my readers. The new and the strange and the different are so likely to be normal to you. And our lives are wrapping around such a new world that is it hard to figure out what to say or how to communicate it.

We are running into nearly endless opportunities, but just saying that could sound like we think people are opportunities for something that is of benefit to us. No, people are a benefit to us as much as we are to them, and in community we offer what God has given us to the next person. So, we have opportunities to give and to receive. Opportunities to invest in people and to be invested in. Opportunities to grow and to plant. Opportunities to teach and to learn. And the complexity of it all defies clarity. 
Garry has found a new enjoyment of meetings as he is involved in various teams here. He's enjoying learning more about Moody Aviation and how things work. He's also working on various projects and connecting with various people and organizations as he works on setting up a Safety Management System. 

Kaleb is riding his bike again since most of the snow has melted. He's enjoying working on his jumps and has modified them to be easier in hopes of getting more of the neighbourhood kids into riding. He's also growing like a weed and trying to compete with Kevin's eating records. 

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